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Quantum Physics Experiments

Posted by iKnowHOW on October 31, 2006

Shows how mater fluctuates in properties from particles to waves just because of the way its observed!

Double Slit Experiment


In an alternative, yet equally mind blowing study:

Quantum physics has already shown the influence of human thoughts on the character of the experiment. Wow! They have proven that scientists in this study who believed in a given experiment, had successful results, while the scientists who doubted, had unsuccessful results. Now check this out, the movement of electrons in atoms was steered by the mental attitude of the experimenters. The electrons circulated differently for those who believed and oppositely for those who didn’t believe. As a result, something like 10 scientists confirmed that what they were experimenting with was true, while 12 others confirmed that it was false. And both answers had solid, scientific proof!!!

Particle physics is based on very concrete experiments, prepared with great precision. There’s no room for assumptions. The movement of electrons and all those spirals were measured under a very high definition microscope, and the results revealed both yes & no. Finally someone clued in to the blatant correlation staring them in the face – that the experimenters who believed what they were going to prove is true, those electrons circulated in specific spirals, while those experimenters who thought that its not true, their electrons circulated in opposite spirals!! Thus changing the results of the research.

Thoughts influence mater. That’s the latest evidence from particle physics. Human thoughts control the movement of electrons in atoms. Woo hoo! As they’ve told us before, we are not just observers but also participants. We contribute to making our reality, and whatever we believe, life proves it to us.

No thought is unnoticed by the universe. And a group of people collectively thinking about one subject in a certain way, is very powerful. Imagine – if enough people think that a certain politician is stupid, we are actually contributing to making him dumber.

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